Sunday, January 27, 2008

{ Concord, NH } Sports.

I know, I know. Sports. Yoon, come to my defense.

I've been on the sports shift. A big part of winter at the Monitor is covering the variety of indoor sporting events that take place. Although setting up all the lights can be a pain, watching people buy the photos off of my capture is pretty gratifying...

I found out that I won the Time internship in NYC for the summer. Ive actually already decided to go out to Denver for the Post internship. Which I couldn't be more excited for. I should call and retract some applications.

On the other hand... Maybe I will wait and see if anything else comes back. How evil is that.

Either way, I should call my parents. I'm sure they will be proud.

I am totally stoked to hear about some of my friends landing some great gigs this year. Gruber and Jenn in Dallas, Tully at the Wash times, Henderson at the NYTimes, of course Eichpunk at NatiGeo and so on. It is going to be a great summer all around. Personally, I can't wait to thaw and see dirt again.


chumly said...

High five!

Justin Cook said...

dude. things are great. making pictures. but most importantly just livin. going new places, appreciating the unappreciated.

jenn and gruber in dallas? tight. congrats on TIME and the post. i kinda wanna go out west some day. let me know how colorado is.

call me some time :)

yoon said...

hey congrats man! that should be wicked. yes, i said wicked.

a few more months man, you'll see some natural light....eventually. :)

Tully said...

DUDE!!! Baller! Oh, wait...and did I mention Baller!