Tuesday, January 01, 2008

{ Concord, NH } Inside.


Spent the day inside mostly. Supposedly the most snow in December since 1879. Its still coming down. I went outside to move my car into that parking garage I mentioned yesterday. Had to dig my way out of the house. EPIC. I love that everybody is totally relaxed about it. Meanwhile I am astonished. I'm still not sure where New England is exactly.

All in all, a pretty nice day. I don't care how cold it is. I'm going to go take a walk.


jtsphoto said...

Hey man congrats on getting to Concord. I always wanted to intern there. Knock'em dead.

Jared Soares

Susan said...

Your Uncle and I lived in MA for 5 years and ONE winter we got as much snow as I think you got in few days up there! Keep up the good work!