Sunday, January 27, 2008

{ Durham, NH } Indoor Track.

{ Gilford, NH } Ice Fishing.

Stephen Ferry, Campaign Visuals

Interview with one of my favorite photographers about an image he made up here recently. Its short. Worth a look.

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{ Concord, NH } Sports.

I know, I know. Sports. Yoon, come to my defense.

I've been on the sports shift. A big part of winter at the Monitor is covering the variety of indoor sporting events that take place. Although setting up all the lights can be a pain, watching people buy the photos off of my capture is pretty gratifying...

I found out that I won the Time internship in NYC for the summer. Ive actually already decided to go out to Denver for the Post internship. Which I couldn't be more excited for. I should call and retract some applications.

On the other hand... Maybe I will wait and see if anything else comes back. How evil is that.

Either way, I should call my parents. I'm sure they will be proud.

I am totally stoked to hear about some of my friends landing some great gigs this year. Gruber and Jenn in Dallas, Tully at the Wash times, Henderson at the NYTimes, of course Eichpunk at NatiGeo and so on. It is going to be a great summer all around. Personally, I can't wait to thaw and see dirt again.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

{ UK } Guardian Films.

Exremely intersting to see the British journalists dealing with the American elections. I saw many foreign journalists running around last week. I am searching out some of the work they produced. If anybody out there finds and danish or japanese films please let me know.

The Obama video was almost unbearable. Was she just opinionated and difficult? She is right with most of what she is saying. Although she seems to come into the story with many previously conceived notions. It seems like she just wanted to make that point. Take from it what you will.

Its worth watching these two videos.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

{ Concord, NH } POYI.

Dan and Preston putting together some POY edits.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

{ Gilford, NH } Gunstock.

Dan called me this morning and sent me to spend the day skiing and make a picture of the view from the top of the mountain at Gunstock. All in all a pretty relaxing day. If I ever need to answer the question, "Do you have an assignment you remember as a favorite?" I may have an answer. Although that Lil Wayne show I did for XXL last year was pretty awesome.

The lift operator told me you can see two suns rising in the east in the morning. One of which is the reflection off of the Atlantic.

We did some research on this phenomenon when I got back to the paper, and we discovered that it is impossible. Dude either had too much bourbon or was just seeing a reflection on the glass. Maybe both.

{ Age } 1 to 100.

I thought this was really nicely done. I love the concept and the composition of the portraits is spot on.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

{ Concord, NH } Daily.

Cross country skiing and the remains of a workshop destroyed by fire.

{ Boston, MA } What up Dun.

I went down to Boston last night to visit Yoon. We were on our way back to his place after eating dinner and ran into this dude on the subway. He whipped out some liquid bubbles and and a cigarette and blew some smoke bubbles. Pretty funny.

I'm bring that one back to Athens. Yoon is going to do a column on him.

Check this guy out. He is a character. Ill let him speak for himself.

What up Dun

Thursday, January 10, 2008

{ Manchester, NH } Elm Street.

A few stragglers. Both of which actually ran as follow ups.

{ Concord, NH } PTPD.

I was warned about Post Traumatic Primary Disorder (PTPD). No symptoms yet...

Well the national eye has turned elsewhere. The crazy politicos from NYC, Japan, Denmark, Nevada, Jersey, Vermont, and Timbuktu have left New Hampshire and finally the real Concord emerges. I feel like I walked out of a crazy dream.

I arrived during a blizzard and jumped directly into the extremely dramatic apex of months of political action. Now the snow melts and the campaign signs that spent weeks stuck in roadside snow banks find themselves muddy and broken in the way of traffic.

The 13 hour days are over. I can stop drinking 3 day old Mountain Dew I find in my car to make it through the next rally. I find myself asking, where did all of this energy come from? Because it was not the Dew. Even though I thought so at the time. Something I hadn't felt since I was a fireman.

The national attention? The amazing Monitor staff? Dan Habib's endless positive energy? Preston and Lori cranking out great photos like it is there job. It is, I know. Running into Danny Wilcox Frasier, Chris Morris, and Todd Heisler at daily assignments?

I found myself sponging up anything I could find, NPR, the Monitor, NYT, Time and so on. Polls, Analysis just plain getting mentally involved.

It truly was an amazing way to kick of an internship at an amazing place.

{ Hooksett, NH } Hillary.

Please check out Primary Circus for more of the Monitor's awesome coverage of the 2008 primary:

Friday, January 04, 2008

{ Concord, NH } Obama.

So tired. Here are a few from this afternoon's Obama event. Basically a pep rally. High school gym and everything.

Spent some time with Lori and Mr. CHansen. Bumped into Tim Rasmussen.

Bill Richarson, John Edwards in the a.m. and the big debate tomorrow evening.