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{ Fredericksburg, VA } Confederate.

grave_MG_0597_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

Cleaning up the Confederate Cemetery.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

{ Milford, VA } Healthy Living

Healthy2, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

Janet H. Carter, 80, belives God was with her the day she had her aneurism. She lives on the land that once was the New Market Plantation on the Richmond Turnpike, and has for over 45 years. Carter lives alone with her dog Nikki. Carter's son and grandchildren stop by often becuase they live just across the road. "I have a wonderful view of the oaks from right here on my porch. I come out here almost every day."

{ Stafford, VA } Healthy Living.

Healthy1, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

Here are two portraits from a series I am doing for the "Healthy Living" section. My concept was to photograph each subject in there most comfortable place. For Laura it was her bedroom. She suffers from a disease that effects her connective tissue. Her joints come out of place on a daily basis. She is a really down to earth nice person.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

{ Colonial Beach, VA } Triathlon.

triathlon_MG_9500_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

I shot a triathlon on Sunday morning. I made this at about 6:30 AM. Oh the sacrafices for pictures......

I had a great talk with the Dave Ellis, the photo editor here, when we were looking through the take. We talked about what he thought I needed to really take my images to another level. Its always good to have a little kick in the rear. The kicking might sting a little, but it can do nothing but propel you forward.

More to come.

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{ Fredericksburg, VA } Tossing.

falcons_MG_8405_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

Untitled (from a notebook dated 1978)
By Tod Papageorge

Mid-spring, mid-morning – into the park
and downtown through the shimmering air,
each flush and pulse of light flashing quicksilver
through a net of dust, leaf and pollen.
Step by step, a camera hanging from my neck
beats my heart.

Green like the incontrovertible season,
I move through the high, untended, tow-tipped grass,
supplicant, trainee, hunter, mule,
out here to photograph,
to call this intoxication to account
and press these lawns and palings
into pictures.

{Found on Alec Soth's blog}

Thursday, July 12, 2007

{ Washington, DC } Gothem.

DC_MG_8350_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

"Light, then, .... is indeed a wonderful instrument ..."
- Mark Rothko

{ Baltimore, Maryland } Ashton.

ashton_MG_8333_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

"Photography is nothing - it's life that interests me."
- Henri Cartier-Bresson

{ Fredericksburg, VA } Falcons.

falcons_MG_8374_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

{ Fredericksburg, VA } Dad.

falcons_MG_8521_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

I was sent to photograph the Semi-Pro football team here in town and I met Sean and his daughter Ayanna. Sean's wife is in boot camp and later will be going to Iraq. Because Sean starts offense on the team, and he can't afford a babysitter every other night, Ayanna has to come to the practice with her dad. She is 16 months old.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{ Quantico, VA } The 4th.

flag_MG_7515_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

The man on the right is actually Isreali. He seemed to be having a very good time during his first trip to America. I really should have asked him where he got the shirt.

{ Quantico, VA } Turtles.

APAD_54, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

{ Fredericksburg, VA } Airshow.

airshow_MG_7929_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

This was really intense.

Friday, July 06, 2007

{ Spotsylvania, VA } Moon Bounce.

I decided to really immerse myself in the situation and actually get in the moon bounce during a festival for Independence Day.

This little boy saw the camera, looked at me and then showed me his guns, without a word spoken. I think he had been trained.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

{ Spotsylvania, VA } Ice Cream.

0702festivalNSR1, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

More community stuff.

David Alami and his son Omar pick out ice cream during the Stars and Stipes Spectacular at Spotsylavia Court House. The truck was run by Brad Noud of Rod's Ice Cream Company.

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Soul of Athens | Little Mountains

This is a piece that Jeff Haller put together for the "Soul of Athens" project this past Spring. It combined images that Jim Korpi and I made for our own projects. Make sure you look at the rest of the site if you have not already.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

{ Richmond, VA } Color Guard.

race_MG_5654_tone, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

These guys were goofing around and checking out girls right before they headed on to the race track for the flag ceremony.

There was a really nice picture in this situation. I feel like this is an almost.