Sunday, April 05, 2009

Steve Brodner on the PI

One of my favorite satirists Steve Brodner wrote about Hearst's closing of the Seattle PI,

"Today marks the death of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Published since the civil war, nothing could stop this paper, except our situation today. I can only conclude that a part of our civilization is lost now unless we can organize somehow to replace this necessary imperfect creation, the newspaper. We cannot function very well at all without it. And we have to do this fast."

Bruce Bartlett, former Treasury Dept. economist under HW Bush,

“Personally, I am partial to the nonprofit model. Foundations, universities, think tanks and even political parties might sponsor publications. For example, the Ford Foundation might take over The New York Times, Harvard University might buy The Boston Globe and the Heritage Foundation might assume control of the The Washington Times. They could run these publications without expectation of profit and a least keep alive the basic journalistic function.”

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