Monday, February 02, 2009


Sorry I havnt been posting much recently.

Here is something I read recently that was very insightful.

“Youth is not interested, and rightly not interested, merely in material success or in a career that commands the respect of his neighbors. Youth does not care, and rightly does not care, merely to make money, merely to “get on.” Youth wants to savour life, to enrich its quality if he may and if he can, to feel and experience something of its range and depth – youth wants to make over civilization so that others may in increasing measure do likewise, for that is the glorious way of youth.

To accept life as it is and make the best of it, may be an admirable quality in a middle-aged man, as it is a lovable quality in an old man, but it is a horrible thing in a young man. The intransigent spirit of youth focuses its aspiration upon the quality of life. It demands something richer and more varied. It demands also that it shall have the opportunity to help make over into something finer that we now know, the civilization of which it is a part.”

He is actually making an argument for expatriation and leaving the US for Europe...

The next sentence is,
“But in America youth is permitted to do neither one thing nor the other.”

This was written before the Obama and the HOPE and the CHANGE and stuff. hah.

Drop me an email if you want the PDF of the essay, it’s a great read.

Peace. Love. Photography.

-Harold Stearns, "WHAT can a YOUNG MAN DO?"

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