Friday, August 15, 2008

John McCain Kicks Librarian Out of Town Hall Event


Anonymous said...

Thats a little terrifying.

Jarvie said...
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Jarvie said...

I was disgusted by what I saw in this video... it was sad.

Then I thought a little more about it and what was in between the lines that the person filming it probably forgot to mention... and the title of the blog is very unsubstantiated (as much as I dislike McCain)

I didn't like what the cops did... but it's not the cops that decide whether she's trespassing (maybe ball-less for issuing the ticket) but it's the owner or proprietor of property that decides who needs to leave and who's trespassing... as we saw in the video.
(Believe me there is plenty of Cops overstepping their bounds every day... this jusn't didn't seem to fit that mold)

The guy says he was asked to make them leave because of the secret service

That's the story and the conversation we wish we had.

Assuming the guy wasn't just passing the buck and making himself look important.

it's him (the proprietor/dude apparently in charge of the premisis) that seems like the ball-less punk for doing whatever he was told even if it was wrong.

So there are just to many things to wonder about, that weren't detailed for us.

Sad that it happened yes. But not a travesty like other videos I've seen.
And it certainly doesn't seem illegal... but it's still sad that they felt like they wanted to kick her out.

Now if we had the rest of the details then maybe we could get more riled up.
But to say "John McCain Kicks Librarian Out of Town Hall Event"
... well that's just ____ (i'll refrain). It's really stretching it.

Again remember that i think McCain is a _____ (negative noun)
And for the record Obama is a Typical Politician.
So it's not like I pick sides between the two.

peter hoffman said...

Yea, I'm not a McCain backer, but this video is presented in a way that stinks of slanted story-telling like many others.