Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the present is so hard to grasp because we are always thinking about the past and the future. i think that if you look deeply enough into any photograph you can see all of those elements though, in a persons face you can see their parents feature and in the sky we see the sun or rain that brings life to its cycles and in the earth we see ourselves, dead, rotting, lost to our current physical states - hundreds of years in the future and made of the millions of years past. through photographs we should try and learn that in any of those instances all relative time is ironically irrelavent and that we need to look at each moment as if it were a photograph, all things present, nothing without inclusion.

-Rush Jagoe

I'm incredibly inspired by these three. They are wonderful photographers and human beings. Shooting for love. Something photographers can easily forget about in this spinning negativity about the photo industry. Here is a reminder for myself and hopefully for you too.




: )


peter said...

always shoot for the love of it.
it's what keeps you moving!

take care buddy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Noah you have me feel so much better about myself. I like your blog. Lots of love.

Shaena Mallett said...

that just made me feel misty eyed. thank you, noah. you are awesome, sir.

love always.