Wednesday, November 14, 2007

{ Montreal, Canada } Street Scene.

Untitled-1, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

Thank you WalMart for messing up the processing. Just one more reason to have disdain for WalMart.


Mike Morones said...

walmart is bad. i don't know if they have a costco out in your neck of the woods but they do a good job.

isn't there one darkroom left at OU? if not, i weep!

Noah said...

No tears Mike...but

We aren’t allowed to use it! You have to take 3 general art classes before they let you in...

I use to skip whole days of class in high school to hide in the darkroom with the radio on making prints. Sublime.

Brandon Kruse said...

Great scene here dude. Thanks for looking at my book this weekend Noah, it was good seeing you again this weekend man. Keep in touch, I want that print.