Tuesday, May 08, 2007

{ New Straitsville, Ohio } "impact" AMEN!

Wayne_img051_t, originally uploaded by noahrabinowitz.

I found this on the side of an abandoned church bus. I believe that the shaping of children's view of their land is pivotal to understanding the interaction between a culture and their territory. This spoke volumes to me.

The text reads:

Impart Supernatural favor!! Bless our Territory and our That your hand would be with us AND KEEP us from ALL evil so we Can make a Greater"impact" AMEN!



SecretMacFirefoxUser said...
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SecretMacFirefoxUser said...

it is interesting to see that even in your caption you wrote, "their land" and "their territory"...does that mean that you too have been brought up to believe the land is owned by people? is that just how our culture has raised us? can we look outside this box and see how silly it is to chop up the earth into little pieces and parts and delegate to whom controls it? wild flora and fauna and pollution don't follow these boundaries...

SecretMacFirefoxUser said...

i had to delete the first one because i made a mistake! i want to just say though that i really like this picture and how your Wayne: people and their impact on the land project is coming along...I think what you are doing is important...showing people what is going on around them...what they don't see...what they don't want to see...also that puppy is adorable

Noah Rabinowitz said...

Thanks. He's a spark plug. I just got done giving him a bath. He didn't like that.

You are absolutely right. I hope that this project can bring to light the concept of connection to the land that we all have. Maybe with awareness we can make small steps toward living in harmony with nature.

Thanks for looking!


camccune said...

I enjoyed this shot. Nice detail.